Galaxy Truckers

First Two Sessions

Introductory Adventure

The crew of the Ishimura traveled to the planet Horizon. Captain Bruckner left to take care of some personal business. Rhea‘s concern over the captain’s unusually quiet behavior led her to access his terminal where she discovered a bounty head he was looking into. Ryder, Doc Grumble, and Ulthred did a little investigating and quickly discovered the bounty head was an alias for Robert Bruckner, the captain’s brother. They also found a local address for him.

When the players arrived at Robert’s apartment they found the door ajar and a couple of thugs ransacking the place. They decided not to engage with the thugs and instead followed them to a bar where Robert was known to hang out. The captain was also there looking for information. The thugs recognized the family resemblance and tried to abduct him. The players intervened, taking one of them down before they knew what was happening. The other tried to run but Ulthred was able to chase him down. The thugs were small time and quickly spilled the name Azrael, the bounty hunter who paid them for information.

The players met up with Azrael at an upscale establishment. After a few rounds of drinks they were able to learn some information about him, but ended up letting some information slip as well. Azrael usually took on much higher profile jobs than this but since he owed some gambling debts to the Yamatos he was here as a favor. He also recognized [:[ryder|Ryder]] and decided it might be worth while to keep an eye on him as well.

After resting the captain remembered a place where they might be able to find Robert: an old dormitory where they lived for a while as children. The players decided to check it out and, sure enough, he was there. Once they were able to convince him that weren’t there to kill him he agreed to go back to the ship with them. On the way out they ran into Azrael again. After some negotiation Azrael agreed to let Ryder go if they handed Robert over without a fight. Ryder used to opportunity to set up a smoke bomb and the players fled with Robert in tow. Azreal gave chase but the group was able to create enough of a commotion that they could lose him in the crowd. Some help from a friendly local and a clever false trail let them ditch their tail for good.

Back in the safety of their ship it was now time to figure out just what’s going on around here. Robert, being a small time hacker, had accessed patient files from a local private medical clinic specializing in wealthy clients. While the name didn’t mean much to Robert, the team recognized the name Hitomi Yamato, head enforcer of the Yamatos. Hitomi was receiving treatment for a genetic heart condition. If the local rival syndicate, The Volk, got a hold of the information they would certainly try to take Hitomi out while he was vulnerable.

Opinions were spit as to what to do with the information. Grumble set about determining a cure for Hitomi’s condition while Sebastian Ryder decided to leak the information though his contacts in the hopes his enemy would be eliminated. Ulthred agreed to sneak Grumble’s cure to the clinic, hoping that taking care of this problem anonymously would avoid getting involved in an all out war.

By the time Ulthred arrived the Volk were already preparing to move on the clinic. Caught in the lock down when the Volk attacked he chose to assist the security team and was able to swing the outcome in their favor. The clinic was saved but the doctor performing Hitomi’s surgery was injured in the assault and unable to perform the operation. Ulthred called in Grumble to perform the surgery himself. With Grumble’s master medical skills and his breakthough cure Hitomi was better than ever.

Ulthred and Grumble accepted the Yamatos thanks and offer of a future favor, choosing not to mention their connection with Ryder and Robert. The new cargo arrived was loaded on board, and the group set off on their next adventure.



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